Microsoft Defender Review 2021

Microsoft Defender – a pre-installed set of Microsoft tools for protecting against malicious code in the mode of constant monitoring of the state of individual system components

Microsoft Defender – a standalone plug-in in Windows 11

This tool was developed to scan your computer for malware, rootkits, and potentially dangerous software that can be run from a trusted environment without loading the operating system

In the form in which the software product is presented now, it differs from similar free system scanners. The Defender uses additional security modules that monitor in real-time suspicious software activity in certain OS segments.

Some of the malicious software penetrates deep into the system and is removed from the computer with great difficulty. In these situations, it is not easy for antiviruses to block the negative effects of malware. Viruses, for example, rootkits, try to infiltrate a PC outside the Windows shell, such as a boot record to bypass the protection performed by an anti-virus program installed on the computer. In such situations, the stand-alone Microsoft Defender module will help the user to detect and neutralize virus programs.

Types of Microsoft Defender antivirus scanning

Microsoft Defender Antivirus provides 4 types of scans: Fast, Full, Custom, and Offline. For offline scanning, see Protect your Windows 11 computer with Microsoft Defender standalone.

  • A quick scan allows you to view basic objects in which malware is most often detected (registry keys, individual folders of MS Windows 11). In most cases, a quick check is used.
  • A full scan starts with a quick scan and then sequentially checks all files on the installed media.
  • A full scan can take a significant amount of time and depends on the amount and type of data being scanned.
  • This is a quick scan that is performed on user-specified directories.

When do we use it?

When should you use Microsoft Defender standalone Antivirus?

  • When hard-to-remove malware is detected. The Windows 11 operating system will notify you to launch the standalone Microsoft Defender plug-in.
  • To perform in-depth analysis for the presence of malware, rootkits after system infection.
  • In case of suspicion of the presence of malicious programs in the system, in the absence of such information after scanning in normal mode.
  • It is recommended to save and close all open files and programs before running the standalone Microsoft Defender Plug-in.

Key benefits of Microsoft Defender

In accordance with the best free antivirus Reddit, Microsoft Defender is a great solution, which has the following advantages:

  • Agentless technology. The product uses automatically updated security services from the Windows 10 kernel, and when installed on Linux or Mac, it adds a special module to the operating system.
  • Checking unknown files. When an unknown file is found on a protected computer, it is sent for verification to the Microsoft Security Lab, where it is launched for execution in a protected sandbox. Suspicious content is analyzed in real-time in a protected environment (“sandbox”) using new machine learning technologies.
  • Assessment of vulnerabilities and configuration flaws in the security system of computers on which the product is installed. Monitoring detected and already known unresolved problems in the system software and recommending the installation of appropriate updates.
  • DLP technology – protection against data theft using a tagging system.
  • Security control of called network services.
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac.
  • Save financial and IT resources by not buying, deploying, and maintaining a similar system on-premise.
  • Payment for a year in advance or monthly, according to the real number of users this month. If the number of users changes, the amount of payments changes accordingly.